Resizing a personal claim is a manual operation. It is initiated from the Claim skill menu by right-clicking on any tile of your personal claim, not the monument itself.


You will see the "Resize claim" control window. New ("Planned claim") size will be marked with green tiles.  Moving X and Y axis will draw a rectangle marked with green. New claim size is also shown in this dialog.


Planned claim size must follow those criteria:

  • The new claim area should include a Private monument
  • The claim cannot be narrow! One side can't be 3 times larger than the other
  • The new claim area must be at least 2 tiles away from any other claim
  • The maximum claim size must cover less than 250 tiles, but monument will require "God's coins" in that case (More information on that matter here: Managing claim and feeding personal monument)
  • The monument must have enough support points to support the new claim size for at least one ingame day.

Once you click "Claim" - confirmation will be shown in a system chat


and new planned lands will be drawn:


It’s also possible to Cancel resize. The ability called Undo Claim Resize but it will be renamed soon. Here how it looks like at the moment. Temp lands layer is above Current lands and using Undo Claim Resize ability on layers crossing will remove temp lands at first.



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