Dear players,

We are doing our best to make transitions between servers absolutely seamless.

We have introduced a number of fixes to this mechanic and looking closely for any new issues.

If you encounter any issues related to crossing server borders - such as client crashes or "seeing clones of your characters" on the border - please notify a GM via Discord chat, channel #ingame_issues addressing @lif support team

Please note, that if you see a message "God doesn't want you to go this way - this means you are trying to cross a border to a server the is currently in process of starting up. More information can be found here:

Additionally, if you would crash in a game while riding a horse or horse driven cart, and upon logging back in would not see it - try tracing back route you came from - your items may be in the last position where server synchronized your position - it may be up to 1 minute of travel back.

If you would still need help in this situation, please notify a GM via Discord chat.

Thank you!


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