Dear players,

If you have received this error while joining the Arena or transferring between worlds:


Please, perform those actions:

  1. Exit the game
  2. Navigate to the folder where Life is Feudal MMO installed
  3. Open folder
    Life is Feudal MMO/game/eu/data/world-eu-main/version - If you connecting to the arena from Avalon
    Life is Feudal MMO/game/eu/data/world-eu-second/version - If you connecting to the arena from Epleland
    Life is Feudal MMO/game/eu/data/world-eu-steam/version - If you connecting to the arena from Skjultland
    Life is Feudal MMO/game/eu/data/world-eu-cis/version - If you connecting to the arena from Iriy
  4. And delete contents of this folder
  5. Restart the launcher (as an administrator)
  6. Use "Repair" function

If the issue persists - please, reinstall the game without any mods.

Thank you. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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