Life is feudal utilizes browser-like functions to fulfill a number of mechanics. This also means that some functions - like Guild management and personal claim management - can be done from the website:

Web-interface can be identified by "Spinning sun of loading" in the opened window:


Map, market menu, and claim management window are web-based.

Currently, we are working on fixing following issues:

  • "You are not authorized to view this page. 34"


If you encounter this error while managing access rights for guild claim based structures - as a workaround - please try managing access via website first and then in-game.

If you are trying to manage personal claim access rights - we are working on fixing this issue.

If you encounter any other issue with web-based interfaces, please attempt those solutions:

1. Press Win+R

2. Type in %LOCALAPPDATA%\cm_client

3. Press [Enter] to confirm


4. Remove everything from the opened folder

5. Use "Repair" function in the launcher

If issues persist, pelase send a report at

Please include following information:

  • Your character's name, World (Godanland, Newbie island) and server number (can be found in top left corner of the screen or at the GLOBAL-dashboard)
  • Client Log files. Information how to extract client log files can be found here:
  • Dxdiag file. To save dxdiag press Win+R, type dxdiag and press Enter, then choose Save All Information.
  • Screenshot or video which can display the issue.
  • Step-by-step instruction how we can reproduce the issue.
  • How often does this issue occur?
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