Dear players,

We are working on optimizing the game to improve performance, however, at the moment, we are focused on a number of major obstacles causing such issue.

To improve performance, please try following solutions:

  • Lower graphics to the minimum
  • Disable following options in the game menu:

  • After starting the game open task manager (ctrl+shif+esc) and stop process "launcher.exe"

If all those methods will not resolve our issue - please send us an e-mail at

Please, include in your e-mail following information:

  • Character name, World (Godanland, Newbie island) and server number (can be found in top left corner of the screen or at the GLOBAL-dashboard)
  • Client Log files. Information how to extract client log files can be found here:
  • Dxdiag file. To save dxdiag press Win+R, type dxdiag and press Enter, then choose Save All Information.
  • Screenshot or video which can display the issue - please enable performance graph by pressing alt+n
  • How often those lags occur?
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