Dear players,

If you believe you have unjustly lost aligment - please, check this article:

Criminal action Alignment change When it occurs
Assault -2 Dealing any type of damage to any non-Evil and non-Criminal players
Trespassing -1 Trespassing on someone's claim and being marked by the Trespassers! ability
Knocking out -3 (0) Dealing damage that resulted in the knockout of any non-Evil and non-Criminal player. If the victim was Yielding, then there is no penalty.
Robbery / Looting -3 Looting a knocked out player or the tombstone of a dead non-Evil and non-Criminal player.
Murder -10 (-15) Dealing damage to any non-Evil and non-Criminal player that results in the death of the victim. If victim was Yielding, then the penalty is increased.
Oathbreaker -10 Leaving your guild will reduce your alignment and mark you as criminal for a good amount of time.
Banishment -10 Being kicked from a guild while you are online will reduce your alignment and mark you as criminal for a time.

If you have not performed any of those actions, but still lost alignment - please, send us an e-mail titled "Unjustly lost alignment".

Please include Client log file from the session when you have lost alignment, describe, what do you think has caused alignment loss?

Thank you, and please tell us if further clarification required.

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