In Life is Feudal: MMO we are trying to preserve fair, competitive nature of the game, while providing some benefits for people willing to support us.

Users who would like to support development process can purchase skill raise boosters.

A skill raise booster, when activated, causes some skills to double the amount of gained experience from related actions.

What skills Power Hour affects

What skills are affected depends on what skill raise booster is activated - "Combat skills raise booster" or "Crafting skills raise booster"

With a Premium subscription, you can double the growth of your combat and crafting skills for one hour from Skills (default hot-key "L") and Combat menu in game. You’ll be able to gain your combat or crafting skills up to 2 times faster for 1 hour.

How to activate Power Hour

To use them you can either activate them from the shop inventory, or go to Skills (L) tab and press the button near the Skill-cap in the Crafting Skills tab (if you want to activate the crafting booster) or Combat Skills tab (if you want to use the combat booster).



Press Yes on the pop-up window


Your booster activated! You can see it's effect in the "Effects" panel.



Shop purchased power hours are one time use items. You can acquire premium subscription to be able to activate each booster once every 24 hours, as well as other benefits.

Boosters that you’ve bought in the Premium shop won’t stack up with boosters for the premium subscription, so we recommend that you do not activate it when your premium is active.


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