Dear players,

If your character got in a situation where he/she cannot perform any actions (for example: got stuck in a hole) the best way is to use skill "Pray for homecoming" (if you have a house your character is bonded to) or open "System" chat and type command `/stuck`.

You might have to type this command multiple times without moving your character between those commands executions.

If those solutions do not resolve your situation - for example, if the character is in constant movement state - you will have to force close application cm_client.exe via task manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc).

If this method also has not yielded any positive results - please, contact our support team via Discord chat, channel #ingame_issues addressing @lif support team.

Make sure to provide following information:

  • Character name
  • region
  • world
  • server number (can be found in top left corner of the screen or on EU-dashboard)
  • explain your situation and describe methods you have used to escape this conundrum.

We are currently working on the in-game methods which would allow you to avoid such situations and escape them via gameplay mechanics.

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