Dear players,

We are working on the solution on this reoccurring issue - it should be resolved in the next patch.

If you will still expirience it - you may need to perform those steps one more time after patch released:

1. Press Win+R

2. Type in %LOCALAPPDATA%\cm_client

3. Press [Enter] to confirm


4. Remove everything from the opened folder

5. Use "Empty Recycle Bin" if you have not deleted files permanently

6. Use "Repair" function in the launcher

7. Start the game and open the map.

8. At this point, you most likely will encounter endlessly loading map - in this case please, restart the game one more time.

If you still experience any issues related to the map window - please send us an e-mail at titled "Map - cannot be loaded"

In the e-mail, please include following information:


- If you are crashing after opening the map.

Please try updating c++ redistributable as described in this article:

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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