Dear players,

If you are experiencing error: "Your connection timed out" or "Your connection to the dispatcher server timed out", or if you are stuck on the screen "Waiting for server"


It is most likely caused due to a temporary server unavailability.

The best course of action is to do the following:

1) wait approximately 15 minutes

2) Check the dashboard (EU region - NA region - make sure to chose the correct world.)

If the server you are trying to connect to is "Down", adjacent to "Downed" server or if "Dispatcher" server is down - you will receive this error.


Even if the server is no marked as "Down" - it still may be unavailable for some time - 1-2 minutes during patches or "Server maintenance" - occurs once every 5 hours.

All those timeframes are temporary and we hope to achieve better stability in the future.

If the issue persists for your character for more then 5 hours

Please attempt following solutions:

- While the game is loading - access options and lower graphical settings to minumum.

- if you still expirience issues - while loading open the console and type "connecttogameserver()"

If issues continue:

1) Create a new character on newbie island - to determine the impact of the issue.

2) Send us an e-mail at titled "Persistent connection timed out error"

Please, include an e-mail:

  • Name of the character you are having issues connecting to, region (EU, NA, etc), world (Avalon, Buyan, etc) and server number
  • Log files generated when log in attempt failed. Information, how to extract client log files can be found here:
  • How often does this issue occur? Please, provide times when the issue started to appear and if you are able to connect at all with this character.
  • Does the issue affect newly generated character on newbie island?

Thank you, for your patience and understanding.

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