If you missing HUD and client restart doesn't help you.. and you do not remove all elements by your own with F10 or Ctrl+H

Workaround 1

1. Game menu
2. Controls
3. Scroll to bottom and press Reset next to HUD presets menu Life_is_Feudal__MMO___Newbie__Newbie_archipelago__2018-01-30_14.33.46.png

4. Press Apply

Workaround 2

There is also one more way to fix this issue and you might like it more
LifeisfeudalMMO\game\EU\data\presets\HUD and delete everything in there.

Next time you start the game use Repair function in the launcher.

If you still missing the HUD - make sure you are not launching the game using mods and/or game is not installed in /APPDATA/ directory.

Please send an e-mail at helpmmo@lifeisfeudal.com if you still facing issues.

Make sure to include in your e-mail:

  • How often does this issue occur? Do other characters (for example created on newbie island) have the same issue?


Thank you!


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