Dear players,

If you are experiencing issues with access NA-dashboard or EU-dashboard, please, attempt following solution:

  1. Open
  2. Log out
  3. Press "Ctrl+F5" (To reload and override cache)
  4. Log in the account again
  5. Attempt to open the dashboard

If this will not yield positive results, please, send us an e-mail at

Please, include the following information:

  • What region (EU, NA, etc) dashboard are you trying to open?
  • What happens when you try to open the dashboard?
  • How often does this issue occur? Are you able to connect to the dashboard after some time?
  • What browser are you using?
  • What is your internet provider's company name? (i.e. "Comcast", "Rostelecom", "1&1" etc.)

Thank you for understanding and cooperation.

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