Dear players,

If you encounter this issue:


Please, make sure there is enough free extra space on the hard drive where the game is installed, launcher run "as an administrator" and try using "repair" function after launcher "run as an administrator". Lastly - if this fails - try reinstalling the game completely using launcher downloaded from the main site:

If those solutions will not yield positive results, please send e-mail titled "Unpacking assets 99% issue" at

Please include in the e-mail following information:

  • Character name you are trying to connect to, world (Epleland, newbe-island etc) and server number (can be found in top left corner of the screen or on EU-dashboard)
  • Launcher Log files. Information, how to extract launcher log files can be found here:
  • Dxdiag file. To save dxdiag press Win+R, type dxdiag and press Enter, then choose Save All Information.
  • Screenshot of the window with "Unpacking stuck"
  • How often does this issue occur? Are you able to connect to this character at all?

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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