Dear Players,

If you are experiencing error message "CR_INVALID_VERSION" - it means you have an outdated version of the game.

To resolve this issue, please close the game and exit the launcher. Start the launcher one more time (run the launcher as an administrator).

If you would still experience this issue - please attempt to start the launcher a little later - in 10-15 minutes - there might be a delay due to ongoing patch deployment.

If you are launching the game using steam

Please, attempt following solution:

Open the directory where the game is installed: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Life is Feudal MMO

Start the game: launcher.exe


When you are asked to log in - use your SteamID:


Once the launcher finishes updating, attempt to start the game - if you still experience this issue, please attempt launcher's "Repair" function:


Please, AVOID using steam's "verify the integrity of game files" - it will make you redownload a lot of unnecessary patches:


We are currently working on the solution for this situation.

If you are still facing the issue, please attempt to resolve it by deleting all game and launcher files - please check, that no files are left in folders.

Make sure to download the latest version of the client from our web - Download

Please, note that it is not advised to install the game or the launcher in /AppData/ directory, i.e. C:/Life is Feudal MMO or D:/Life is Feudal MMO.

Sorry for inconveniences caused.

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