Dear players,

If your horse and/or cart became uninteractable while crossing server borders or is nowhere to be found:

Please contact our support team via Discord chat, channel #ingame_issues addressing @lif support team
In your request in the chat, please, include the following information:
1. What happened with player (crash, disconnect, just disappeared)
2. What happens with a horse - cannot find it or it hangs somewhere inaccessible
3. Exact time of when it happened (both local player's PC time and timezone or UTC time)
4. Client logs with the moment the issue occurred. (information how to extract logs can be found here: )
5. Location of incident (EU/NA, Abella/epleland)
6. Server nodes numbers (can be found in top left corner of the screen)
7. Character name

If your horse and/or cart has disappeared due to server or client crash:

Traceback road you have traveled. As a temporary solution - When a horse gets bugged, it creates another version of itself, but at a previously unbugged saved point. It saves every minute of travel. So if you were galloping for that whole minute, that could be quite far on foot.



If you would encounter this issue - please, send us detailed bug report - so we could isolate this bug and resolve it.

Please, include in the report:

  • Character name, region (EU, NA, etc), world (Avalon, Buyan, etc) and server number (can be found in the top left corner of the screen) which you were leaving.
  • Log files with the timestamp - when you were crossings server borders. Information, how to extract client log files can be found here:
  • Screenshot or video with open map near the place where resources were lost.

As of right now, the team is discussing all compensations for any inconveniences during the launch and beta period. As soon as the decision is made the news will be announced. In the meantime please do not let these issues keep you from enjoying MMO.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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