Here is a summary:

  • 4 weather changes for crops to reach middle state
  • 4 more to fully grow
  • 4 changes for crops to die (12th changes in total) 

Weather changes which are taken into consideration: from Fair to Shower and vice versa. Weather is depending on the season. For example, it's only 1 weather change at Winter :) 

Detailed observation with screenshots:

Here is a calendar took as an example from YO server with planned dates

and this is how crops will change their state from day to day

  • March 15th

  • March 24th

  • March 30th

  • April 2nd

  • April 6th


The amount that can be gathered depends on the weather and soil:

  • 8-12 when the weather is 100% fine and the soil is fertile
  • 4-6 when the weather is 100% fine but the soil unfertile
  • 2-3 when the weather is bad and the soil is fertile
  • 1-2 when the weather is bad and the soil is unfertile

 Note: Fine weather means that all weather iteration has passed for crops to grow (when the crops are ready to harvest between 8th and 12th weather change - before they start rotting)

The full calendar for YO dedicated server is available here:

\Life is Feudal Your Own Dedicated Server\data\weather\cm_weather1.xml


Link to a news about new crops system with additional information from Bobik:

One more article prepared by one of our players:

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