Here is a summary:

  • 4 weather changes for crops to reach middle state
  • 4 more to fully grow
  • 4 changes for crops to die (12th changes in total) 

Weather changes which are taken into consideration: from Fair to Shower and vice versa. Weather is depending on the season. For example, it's only 1 weather change at Winter :) 

Detailed observation with screenshots:

Here is a calendar took as an example from YO server with planned dates

and this is how crops will change their state from day to day

  • March 15th

  • March 24th

  • March 30th

  • April 2nd

  • April 6th


The amount of crops that can be gathered depends on the weather changes, the soil and some random variables. Our recommendation is to always use fertilized soil and harvest at the 4th day of the last growth stage (between 8th and 12th weather change, before they start rotting).


The full calendar for YO dedicated server is available here:

\Life is Feudal Your Own Dedicated Server\data\weather\cm_weather1.xml


Link to a news about new crops system with additional information from Bobik:

One more article prepared by one of our players:

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