The same product costs differently when I select different payment options
Normally payment systems charge a fee for the service they provide. For this reason the amount payable may differ for various payment methods you select.

Mobile payments
Due to volatile exchange rates and commission rates for different mobile carriers, the final price of the product or the amount of the game currency received may vary. Before completing a purchase the customers are always informed about the possible additional fees.

Paygarden is a gift card provider that allows you to redeem more than 100 types of gift cards. By using these gift cards you forfeit the full ownership of the card to PG. Please note that it may have high commission rate. In order to find out how much of the card balance can be converted into the online goods please click on "Check Balance". After you complete the payment if you have any unused balance left (i.e. the available gift card amount exceeds the final price of the good) it will be added to your Game Balance.

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