1. Why am I asked to verify my card?

      Xsolla allows users all over the world make safe and secure in-game payments. Card verification is a worldwide practice for many online services, including Steam or PayPal. Please note that for security reasons we can only process your transaction after the code is entered. Thank you for understanding.

    2. Where can I find the 4 character code?

      You can locate this 4-character confirmation code in your online bank account. Please note that the charge can be found under “Pending” transactions. In the description of the charge you may find the 4 character code. Here’s what it looks like https://www.evernote.com/l/AcfRMhDHZ7hIXqlxL6uZLTaodkyiKXq6Jms. The code is only valid for 3 hours. If your code expired, please attempt a new payment and a new code will be generated for you.

    3. I do not see the small charge on my statement
      First of all please make sure that less than 3 hours have passed since you were asked to locate the code since the code expires after 3 hours. If you are checking the online statement within 3 hours and do not see the pending small amount on your account most likely it means that your bank posts charges with a delay. In this case we recommend you to try and use a card of a different bank or an alternative payment option.

    4. I see the small amount but not the code or the code has less than 4 digits.
      First of all  please make sure whether you can expand the description of the payment by clicking or double clicking on it. If you can not view the full description, that means that you bank is unable to show the full description of the charge. In this case we recommend you to try and use a card of a different bank or an alternative payment option.

    5. I was able to locate the code but it is not being accepted
      Please make sure that you have entered the code correctly. If that does not help note that if you attempted a payment multiple times - multiple codes would be generated for you. You must enter the most recent code. Only the recent code will be valid.                                                   
    6. I entered the code correctly but my payment still failed
      If you entered the code but the payment still failed, most likely your bank did not authorize the transaction. You may contact  your bank/financial institution for more information.


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