• a. Cards


        1. It’s possible that we were unable to receive an authorization from your bank. If this is the case and there is a pending charge on your account, please be advised that the charge will not clear, and the money will be back into your account.

          What to do?
          Please try another payment method to complete your purchase or contact your bank to find out why the payment was not authorized.

        2. Our security system might have detected this activity as not typical for this account. In this case it was instantly refunded back to you. Please note that refund may take up to 2-10 days. The alert might be due to your making multiple purchases in a short period of time, using several cards or submitting an unusually large payment amount.

          What to do?
          If you would like to make another transaction, please verify your card.
          *Verify the card - link*


  • b. PayPal


        1. It might be that we were unable to receive an authorization from PayPal.

          What to do?
          Please contact PayPal support to find out why the payment was not authorized by them and then try again.

        2. Our security system detected some activity that was not typical for this account and instantly refunded the payment back to your PayPal account. The alert might be due to your making multiple purchases in a short period of time, using several Paypal accounts or submitting an unusually large payment amount for a newly created game account. Unfortunately, we cannot process your PayPal transaction at this time.

          What to do?
          We suggest you try to complete the purchase with a direct Credit/Debit card payment or contact us for more detailed information.

        3. You might need to change your funding source from PayPal credits to your credit/debit card or your bank account if you’re paying for a subscription or saving your account for future payments.

          How to select a payment method as a funding source?
          You may change the Payment Method at the time you make a payment by clicking the 'More Options'/'Change' link on the Confirm Your Payment/Review Your Information page and then selecting a payment method on the "More Funding Options" page. You may do this each time you make a payment.  You cannot select a payment method for all future transactions.  More information here https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/popup/about-payment-methods


  • c. Mobile payments


        1. If you have confirmed the payment with a code or text from sms your payment is most probably pending at the moment. Mobile payments may be processing from several hours up to 1 day. As soon as it is processed, the funds will be delivered to your gaming account.

          What to do?
          If it does not happen, please contact us again so that we could contact the sms-provider for additional checking.

        2. When you put your phone number, our system has checked for any available pricepoints for your mobile provider and the product that you have chosen. When you receive an error message stating that you cannot make payment from this phone number, this means that, unfortunately, there were no pricepoints found for you.

          What to do?
          In this case we would recommend you to use an alternative payment option or try selecting a smaller purchase.


  • d. PayGarden (Store Brand Gift Cards)
    Most common reasons for why your card is not being accepted.


      1. Your gift card is actually a prepaid credit card with a VISA or Mastercard logo.
      2. PayGarden does not accept prepaid credit cards; only store-brand gift cards.
      3. Your gift card was purchased from an international retailer outside of the USA.
      4. At the moment, we are only able to accept gift cards from USA networks.
      5. You may have forgotten to enter the complete PIN number.
      6. Some cards require scratching off foil to reveal the PIN.
      7. This gift card was obtained from an online gift-card marketplace such as: cardpool.com, raise.com, plasticjungle.com, giftcardgranny.com, etc.
      8. PayGarden is unable to reclaim the balance on many of these cards.
      9. How much of the card balance can be converted into the online goods is not enough for the purchase you’ve chosen. High commission rate is applied to this type of cards.
      10. Brand is not supported. More here - http://www.paygarden.com/brands More info here - https://www.paygarden.com/faq/customers
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