1. Guilds are now created from http://lifeisfeudal.com Please login to our site and keep in mind that you must have at least 1 MMO character available in order to navigate to guild menu
  2. Use "Create Guild" button. This is not an actual guild, but more like a billet for a guild.
  3. Fill in all fields - they are mandatory at this moment. 
  4. Open guild page                          
  5. In order to open guild-related features in game, your group must contain at least 10 members.
    1. Important note: we turn off 10 players validation for this test run, so 'Erect monument' option should be available even for tiny guilds. 
  6. Invite them from members page Invite Player functionality    
  7. Only after your guild will contain 10+ members, you will have a real active guild, not a draft one. You can now build a monument, manage tabards and etc. Note that Guild type in browser should change from 'Band' to 'Order' and to 'Country' if your guild is large enough (10+) and was able to build a monument.
    1. Important note: we have to turn off guild ranks, because of 10+ validation is also turned off. 
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