1. Guilds are now created from http://lifeisfeudal.com Please login to our site and keep in mind that you must have at least 1 MMO character available in order to navigate to guild menu2018-06-27_18.02.29.png
  2. Use "Create Guild" button. This is not an actual guild, but more like a billet for a guild.
  3. Fill in all fields - they are mandatory at this moment. 
  4. Open guild page                          
  5. In order to open guild-related features in game, your group must contain at least 10 members.
  6. Invite them from members pageInvite Player functionality   
  7. Only after your guild will contain 10+ members, you will have a real active guild, not a draft one. You can now build a monument, manage tabards and etc. Note that Guild type in a browser should change from 'Band' to 'Order' and to 'Country' if your guild is large enough (10+) and was able to build a monument.
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