If your character, randomly decides to freeze, you can "tab", mouse click and write messages to chat, just can't move then you can use workaround above.

Open the console with left ctrl + ~ and paste in it ServerConnection.resetMoveList();

It should unfreeze you without any problems. Save this command in a notepad or similar :) 



Каждые 10 - 15 мин зависает персонаж, но всё вокруг работает, инвентарь и т.д. 

К сожалению, причины такого поведения нам пока не известны, но временное решение есть: использовать консольную (Ctrl + ~) команду ServerConnection.resetMoveList();

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    stephen henderson

    hi there for the past week been trying to play LiF but my character keeps freezing.i have went into console and pasted ServerConnection.resetMoveList(); but it works for about 10 to 15 seconds.sins doing so i have joined other servers its the same made new characters for all of them and it keeps freezing.i have uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 times now + lowerd my settings to see if it would help but stays the same.i have verifyd integrity of the game on steam too and some times it one file missing auto fix it and i still freez

    when i freez i cant move but i can hit tab and move the mouse and open the map but thats about it been looking all over for a fix but cant seem to get one :(

    if you know or might have a idea on how to fix this would be a big help ty 

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    Hi, can you please drop us a log file with these freezes to helpmmo mailbox or by using a widget on this page.

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    stefan barnes

    I have the same problem tried every thing as above,  and nothing works crashing every 5 minutes even on a different computer, ive played the game for 100's of hours and always had a few problems but nothing like this please can I get help

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