Problem: You are an owner of modern PC with dual video adapters setup. A video card is pretty powerful, but LiF fails to start or running awfully slow with super low FPS.



Force launch LiF with powerful card selected.



There is already code in game which tells system to select discrete card in dual GPU systems, but in some cases, additional manual manipulations are required to disable integrated one 

  • Launch application by selecting preferred video processor. Right click on application icon and select more powerful adapter 
  • Configure Nvidia* default setting. Force Nvidia control panel to select discrete adapter by default 
  • Setup new profile for LiF in Nvidia*. Optionally you can configure which adapter to be used by different applications. 
  • Disable integrated GPU in hardware management. Please only use as the last option as it can cause more issue with your graphic in other application including Windows

*Similar configuration should be available for AMD cards

This problem is well known and additional materials can be easily googled. Here are couple examples


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