Issue description (option #1):

If you hear as music is playing in the intro video, but the screen is completely gray or black and right after you press Esc instead of a normal menu you can see green/blue/olive squares than most likely you encounter an issue with a process which is trying to overlay their interface over LiF.

Issue description (option #2):

Similar to a previous description, but the menu looks like on a picture below. The solution will be the same but do check ROG LAPTOP sonic suit audio process at first. 




The idea is that issue can be resolved by terminated offending process/application.

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete 
  2. Select Task Manager
  3. Find one of the processes confirmed below
  4. Terminate process (example only)

Here are couple examples of such programs reported earlier by players


  • Justified. Nvidia experience


  • Draft. gameoverlayui.exe - application from Steam, but it can interfere with game interface
  • Draft. Fraps
  • Draft. AMD Evolved

As an alternative, you can drop a screenshot from your task manager with all processes running to Maybe We'll be able to identify a potential candidate.

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