16 March, 2016


This collection of bugfixes and optimization makes up our latest patch - it should make your experience within our game smoother and a bit less frustrating. We hope you enjoy it!

Patch notes (ver.
New features and tweaks:
  • Added some environmental and character jumping sounds
  • Added alchemy ingredients inventory tooltips. You can now see what effects are unlocked for your character not only via alchemy screen
  • Slightly Increased war stance sprinting speed
  • Tweaked ranged weaponry and bombs a little


Bug fixes:
  • Greatly reduced “morning lag”, which mostly happened to trees growth calculations. Stay tuned for our new trees growth algorithm that should eliminate necessity for server admins to reduce trees amount in their worlds manually.
  • Fixed a server crash related with wild animals AI
  • Eliminated sky flickering, which happened on some hardware
  • Fixed some GUI disappearance bugs
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the ability to place furniture on the higher floors of your buildings
  • Fixed a bug where you could “overrepair” your weapons with “Maintain” ability

P.S. Stay tuned for an upcoming heraldry patch, which should be dropping next week! :)

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