Known solution

1. Remove folder's content
  • \steamapps\common\Life is Feudal Your Own\core\fonts - static fonts (Cache integrity check required to restore content)
  • \steamapps\common\Life is Feudal Your Own\art\fonts - dynamically generated 
2. Perform Cache integrity check in Steam


Another solution

It sounds weird, but this solution works... The root problem is in Windows firewall 

Copy-Pasted text from Reddit

I fixed it. Here's what I did.

First of all, I went inside of \steamapps\common\Life is Feudal Your Own\art\fonts and tried to double click the font file. My computer said it wasn't a valid font file. According to my research this is caused by the firewall being off, turning it on corrects this issue. (Didn't fix it at first, but could play a hand in it.) After that, I deleted the fonts folder in \steamapps\common\Life is Feudal Your Own\art\fonts and the fonts folder in \steamapps\common\Life is Feudal Your Own\core\fonts...verify the intergrity of your steam cache, problem is solved. I now have text inside of the entire game!


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