This issue has been partly resolved, and we do not expect it to occur again, however, if you would encounter this exect error code = 203 - please, check information bellow.


We have received a number of reports, that when you change character in launcher menu or try to install the game - error "Game installation failed with error network error" occurs.


Please, help us isolate and resolve this issue by providing

  • launcher logs using these instructions:
  • Screenshot of the error
  • Find serverAnswer.xml file and send it to us.

Please include in the body or the title of your mail text "Game installation failed. Code = 203"

Temporary solution:

If this error occurs during while changing characters, please, ignore it - it should not affect "Play" button.

If this error prevents you from installing the game, please, retry in 15 minutes - the issue is temporary most of the time it occurs.

We are currently looking for the solution, will update this article, when we have a solution.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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