In many cases, LiF support team will ask you to provide additional client log files in order to investigate your issue more efficient way. This doesn't mean these files are enough, so please do not stop to send us a detailed description of your issues, screenshots or any other information which will help us to identify root problem and deploy a solution for it. Here is the list of common log files we are usually asking and directions where to find them.

Issues with a launcher app

  • Please, provide step-by-step description of your issue
  • Screenshot with issue or last available launcher window before it crashes 
  • Log files. You can find it in a launcher installation folder or MMO root installation folder
    • serverAnswer.xml
    • Launcher Log Files can be found, for example, here: C:\Life is Feudal MMO\Log or C:\Life is Feudal MMO\Launcher_Log
  • In some cases, you will be asked to send launcher_settings.ini file. This is a valuable source of information, but keep in mind that it contains you login and password(encoded). Avoid sending it in public chats or in private messages to a non-LiF personal 
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