We believe we have resolved almost all cases of "holes in the ground", but they still may occur due to various reasons.

If you encounter terrain consistency issue on unterraformed cells or holes and holes which persists for more then 5 hours - please send an e-mail at helpmmo@lifeisfeudal.com with the screenshot of the hole and open map.

Thank you!


At the moment there are two types of terrain consistency issues:

1) Terrain calculation issues.


Most often those issues are solved after server restart.

2) Ground holes on server borders.


Such holes are regular on server borders but sometimes may occur in other places.

Most often then not they are client-side visual issues and can be solved with a client restart.

We are aware of the similar incidents and currently working on resolution

Please, if you encounter this bug use buttons below to vote.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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