Using Authority -> Destroy ability

Guild leaders and guild members with `Can destroy` permissions can use this skill to remove all kind of objects from their guild lands. Keep in mind that `Can destroy` can be granted to a city or real claim area only. There is a huge difference depending on which object you apply this skill 


All objects which you can lift. bark boxes, crates, barrels, furniture, ... 

Destroying a movable object will only destroy this object and of course items inside if this is a container. Tiny shack and bark box on top of selected box are safe and won't be removed


All stationary objects starting from a basic campfire and including all sorts of keeps and fortifications. 

Removing an unmovable object in a complete state will trigger an additional confirmation message and will wipe all objects on blocked tiles. In this example, Tiny Shack and both Bark Boxes will be destroyed. Once again: if you target a completed unmovable object and agree to Destroy this object everything on blocked(red) tiles will be destroyed, no matter if these objects located inside the house, outside it or on a roof. 

Deconstruction an incomplete unmovable object won't remove any objects inside the blocked area. Only Shack's basement in the example above will be destroyed

Midnight maintenance (removing fast-decays objects) 

During midnight in-game magic happens in the MMO world and all garbage is cleaned up by our so-called "Trash Maintenance". There are not many fast decay objects in the MMO, perhaps you know most of them already: Campfires, Dropped Objects & Tombs. They are also categorized as movable and immovable and the same mechanism as described above is applied. Trash maintenance requires 2 iterations to wipe fast decay objects, so it's 2 in-game days for it to happen.

  • Movable fast-decay object. Bag (A) 
    • Only movable object will be destroyed
  • Unmovable fast-decay incompleted object. Campfire's sign (B)
    • Only Campfire's sign will be destroyed
  • Unmovable fast-decay completed object. Campfire (C)
    • Campfire and all objects on a blocked tile will be destroyed. No meter how much durability was left on this bark box at screenshot - it will be removed together with Campfire 



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