In many cases, LiF support team will ask you to provide additional client log files in order to investigate your issue more efficient way. This doesn't mean these files are enough, so please do not stop to send us a detailed description of your issues, screenshots or any other information which will help us to identify root problem and deploy a solution for it. Herу is the list of common log files we are usually asking and directions where to find them.

Something happens inside the game client

The game saves all log files in separate folders by dates. In the most cases, one log file which will capture event described by you will be enough. It's ok to archive and send us all log file for a single day if you pinpoint the exact or at least approximate time of this event. Avoid sending us all your log files without mentioning time/date/timezone, as most likely we won't be able to find anything valuable in such huge array of information. 


For Steam version of the game - files can be found via "Properties" window:


Then go to folder game\eu\logs

In this example, log files for GLOABAL region for 12th December of 2017 can be found here.

D:\LiF MMO\game\eu\logs\2017-12-12

Do not hesitate to archive your log file. It will save some space in Internet :) 

Note that log files have timestamps indicating when logs were generated.

The highlighted example above - C_2017-12-12-12-28-05.log - contains information about events started at 12hours 28 minutes PC's time zone. Please, make sure you are forwarding correct logs.

Thank you!




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