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Obtaining the full set of armor with a Premium Subscription

A Premium subscription unlocks one random Full Set of Armor skin each month while the subscription is active.

You can only find those skins in your Equipment & Stats (press P -> choose Skins button on the lower right corner). These set of skins are completely random and can’t be changed on the different set of skins.

Attention! Unlock is valid for 1 month. We will unlock a new random Full Set of Armor and Weapon skin every month, while the subscription is active.

Getting a random armor skin with premium

All available skins for you can be found on the game Equipment & Stats (P). Skins with an hourglass icon are gained with premium and are only available during an active Premium Subscription.


Getting a random weapon skin with premium

With the Premium subscription, you’ll also get a random weapon skin. You can find it only in your Equipment & Stats (press P -> choose Skins button on the lower right corner). This skin is fully random and can’t be changed on the different weapon skin.

Attention! These skins are only available when your subscription is active.



Getting the Death Insurance from Premium Subscription

While your premium is active, all your characters have active Death Insurance (5) in the game. It appears in the middle-upper part of your window, above your character (Skills Drop Insurance).


Also, all players who haven’t activated their Premium Subscription can buy Death Insurance at the Premium Shop (Esc->Shop->Insurances). It won’t add up with Premium’s Insurance, so we recommend not to activate it while your premium is active.


Power Hour. Crafting and Combat Skull Raise Boosters

With a Premium subscription, you can double the growth of your combat and crafting skills for one hour from Crafting (L) and Combat menu in game. You’ll be able to gain your combat or craft skills up to 2 times faster for 1 hour.

To use them, go to Crafting (L) and press the button near the Skillcap in the Crafting (if you want to activate the crafting booster) or Combat (if you want to use the combat booster).



Press Yes on the pop-up window


Your booster activated! You can see it on the upper menu



Boosters that you’ve bought in the Premium shop won’t stack up with Premium’s boosters, so we recommend that you do not activate it when your premium is active.


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