Greetings our beloved believers. 

As you might know, we have to wipe both regions to restore worlds to their initial state. Your character names reservation were secured, and here how it will look like for you after server will go back online

  • Start launcher application and click PLAY. There won't be any other option actually

  • You will be forwarded to a Newbie island, directly to Character creation screen even if you already have 10 characters. Do not worry. Just hit Cancel button

  • You will see all your reserved names in a format "Reserved name" + RECREATE ME Surname

  • At this point, you might decide to use this Surname or deleted character and immediately recreate it with new Surname at your choice

  • Next step is a regular routine with Newbie island login and transfer. All your Xsolla shop items including tickets should be restored already

It might happen that even after char transfer your only option in Launcher will be a PLAY button. Hit it and correct char list will appear 


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    That's nice, still doesn't help the insta crash at launch of the client on my win 10 desktop whenever I click play. Just glad it seems to run on my my laptop, havent gotten into the game yet, thanks to the delay though.

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