There are will be two types of the tickets

  • tradable (available in packs). Zealous believers will receive 3 tickets
  • non-tradable (YO owners, additional tickets)

Tradable ticket. This type of ticket can be used as a regular in-game item, but you can’t destroy it or drop, only Barter to another player and only in a Newbie world!


How to use tradable ticket

  • Open Shop from game client.


  • Open your inventory. It’s available from drop-down list under your account name in top right corner (3 tickets should be inside for Zealous packs owners)

  • Click on one of the tickets and move it to your char inventory
  • Talk to Ferrymen with ticket in your inventory ask to sail to Abella

Non-tradable ticket sail scheme

  • Talk to Ferrymen with ticket in Xsolla inventory and ask to sail to Abella

The main difference is that a tradable ticket is an in-game object and you have to place it in your character's inventory to successfully sail to Abella. Non-tradable tickets can be consumed by Ferryman directly from Xsolla shop inventory.


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