Life is feudal site

Use the link below:

Alternatively, you might have launcher app already installed from our previous test waves. Use it, wait till it updates himself

choose the desired region in a right bottom corner

and hit PLAY

You will be automatically forwarded to a newbie's world character creation screen, where you can configure your avatar and also reserver his/her name

Additional names can be reserved without exiting and relaunching client even if you exit from a client. Hit Play once again and use `+ Add character` button

launcher 2017-11-14 22.57.59.png

That's it for now :) 


  • If you have purchased Life is Feudal MMO on steam or have Life is Feudal YO purchased before January 12 - you should be able to find Life is Feudal MMO in your library
  • Now you can install the game and start playing after maintenance will be over.

If you have issues launching the game via steam - check this article:

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