Battles provide a mechanism to attack your enemies claim, participate in your friends’ battles. Karma won’t dropped for any aggressive actions against foes. The Same rule applies to skill lost. Instant Battles won’t punish participants with their skills reduction. The main risks are:

  • In case of death, you may lose items you bring to battle with you
  • Claim radius punishment will be applied together with a delay to initiate new battles to a team which loses the battle

Here is the list of other differences from regular in-game PVP encounter you already know and not mentioned earlier

  • Being knocked won’t drop your items in a loot bag. They will be on your character till it killed or  returns back to consciousness
  • Killed players will be transferred back to Abella to exact location they were at during approving an invitation to a battle.
  • Defeated (died) player's stuff will be placed inside Loot totem. Nobody can pick up these items before Looting phase. Sometimes you will notice corpses on the battlefield - this is not the same as the loot bag.


  • There are a limit abilities available in Battles. For example, you won’t find any construction related skills.
  • You may decide to flee from the battlefield and maintain your items from being looted. Just run to a border marked with an orange square on your map and confirm your decision in an additional dialog.You will be counted as a deserted though

The last but not least remark worth writing about is that there is a limitation to the maximum loss per real day. It equals to a guild monument level. Your level two guild can’t be spammed and ruined by battles. Only 2 defeats per real day!

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