Provide an instrument to attack enemy claims. These instances are hosted on dedicated servers that main focus is PVP. Each battle instance hosted on a specially configured environment without players' terraform changes, created objects,  midnight maintenances and with other arrangements to prioritize performance.

There are also plans to use Instance Battles mechanics to host Arena instances or just a pure PVP battles for training purposes.

At the moment only guilds can initiate such battles with a limitation to level 1 guilds/monuments. They are protected from being attacked and can’t be a battle initiator as well. At the same moment, any player can join any battle if he/she manage to reach a battle totem or guild Monument of one of the participants (will be described in details in the corresponding article)

Battles are mainly for a guild and here is the list of penalties for a guild which was defeated.

  • Realm lands radius decreased. 5 tiles for regular IB lose and 2.5 tiles for a mini version of IB. Guild real claim radius grows at 0.5 tiles a day rate (1 meter per in-game day)
  • Can’t initiate new battles for 3 real days. 

Mini IB was introduced in patch and this is a 1/2 version of a regular battle in term of resources, participants limitations, and durations.  Minibattles are still battle and counted in a 'maximum battles per day' quote which is equal to a guild monument level. Example: Glorious monument (tier 4 monument) can only handle 4 defensive battles per real day. 

If it happens that you monument's radius will be degraded via Instant battles below its minimal radius - such monument will automatically degrade to a previous tier. You will have to wait radius grow back till upgrade can be initiated and yes, you will have to spend another portion of resources to complete monument upgrade. Keep in mind that all coins placed in the monument which you are planning to sacrifice will be removed in case of monument degradation.

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