Updated for mmo_0.10.3.0

Open Guild management window from a guild monument. Depending on your role, you will have different abilities available. In this tutorial, a default Viscount role will be used. Authority -> Sacrifice option is usually available for low ranked members and just tries to burn donations previously placed inside monument by higher tier members


Put something valuable inside monument by drug and dropping it to monument window and press "Sacrifice" button


Claim support points value will be increased if items you placed are accepted by the Gods. Guild monument will be automatically checked at midnight and if support points amount is higher than maintenance cost upgrade bar will be filled and slightly moved from a zero point. Claim radius and upgrade bar will be increased constantly if you maintained support points pull regularly and at some day progress bar will be 100% filled.

Keep in mind that maintenance cost will also increase as your claim area grows.

One of the core changes to monuments is that they still accept regular in-game items at level 1, but will only consume currency at level 2 or higher. Prepare Copper, Silver and Gold coins!

So, where you can find Coins in MMO? They are available at trade posts

  • Take valuable item, but at the same time, you are ok to sell it :)
  • Find a suitable trade post. Map will help you to find one
  • Trade at post (Detailed article about trade mechanics will be published soon) and sell items to the Crown

  • Press Market
  • Choose tradepost you are interacting with and select 'Put up for sale' tab

  • Click on items you would like to sell. Boards in this example isn't good enough for the Crown

  • Switch to ‘Sale to the Crown’ tab and confirm sale order by clicking on the corresponding button

  • Do not forget to pick up your shiny coins from tradepost and try not to lose it on your way home :) You can do it from main tradepost window by clicking on ‘Pay with coins’ button, selecting the desired amount of coins to transfer and confirming with OK order


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