Your character will be loaded into special Instance with prepared Instance of battle which can be logically divided into so-called phases. Timers and capture zone size for each phase are still subject to discussion


Timer set to 5 minutes and zone radius to 15 tiles by default. Use this time to find Capture point which visualized as a pillar of light, gather your squad and prepare for the battle itself. By hitting F4 or toggling Lands visibility mode with Ctrl+F4 you will see a white area this is all space available for your team during preparation phase maneuvers. Try to cross it and you’ll be pushed back to this area and notified by an additional message.  


Phase name, timer and capture progress bar are displayed at the top of your screen and will be changed together with phases.


Take a note that during this phase all player will be under “Invulnerability” effect which will be removed right at the phase end.


Timer set to 10 minutes by default. You are not invulnerable anymore, a small zone around your spawn point disappear and you can freely move within battle instance borders. You can injure and kill your enemies and even won the whole battle at this phase. The only limitation is that nobody can capture special zone with totem and win/lose by capture event.


It’s allowed to enter capture zone and organize defense inside it. It a valid strategy, but once again. Capture progress bar will still stay at initial state at this phase.


Winning the battle now will trigger a Capture phase to be skipped directly to Looting


Timer set to 50 minutes and capture zone radius to 5 tiles by default. This is the longest phase and it’s suggested as the main battlefield. You still can win by killing all your opponentsб but this task will become harder as their number increases. Another way to win is by securing special zone. Capture progress bar will move only if no enemies are presented inside. Even one hero can stop capturing progress


Move him outside somehow or just kill and progress bar will active again


It will take 5 minutes to capture this zone if enemies won’t interfere. By successful capture you will be notified with a pop-up message and game will be moved to next phase.


Winning the battle doesn’t mean all your enemies will die automatically. They are still in the same battle with you and now embittered to kill you as a revenge for winning the battle. They will have such chance in next phase

Post-Capture or Looting

Timer set to 10 minutes by default. The most anticipated part of the battle. Items of all killed participants will be placed inside this totem. Everyone can loot totem during this phase, no matter is it a Recruit or Count. Even any member of the team which losses in a previous phase. Secure your hard-won stuff, distribute among alive guildmates and friends. There is no instrument to detect who looted and what items exactly, so pay attention to everyone who approaches loot totem.


The Looting phase end conditions are

  • Timer reaches zero value
  • Everyone runs away from the battle. It’s also called fleeing as in previous phases but works without any penalties in this one.

Just run or ride to instance border marked with an orange square on your map and confirm your decision to flee


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