Every Life is Feudal: YO owner who purchased the game before November 17th will receive a Life is Feudal: MMO ticket for one character to gain full, permanent access to the game world of Life is Feudal: MMO. For more detailed instructions please proceed by this link.

You should also be able to see “Life is Feudal: MMO” in your Steam Library after the launch of an OBT on November 17th.


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    wait WHAT!? it says "Included in your purchase, all Life is Feudal:YO owners will receive one character to gain full access to Life is Feudal:MMO open beta tests and release." in the steam's yo page, it doesnt say anything about only those who bought it before nov, 17!

    so, if we bought it today, we wont get the full acces to mmo? and we bought it for nothing?


    Maybe I should have listened about the reviews and forums about this game and its devs.

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