You can not modify standings directly, but some diplomacy options are available at ‘Claim rights’ management and other ones inherited from Guild if your Personal lands inside guild area.

Claim rights

This function pretty similar to a Guild claim management where you can set up permissions for a claim area.  Manage My Claim Access Rights allows you to manipulate next entities

  • Character
  • Guild
  • Standing type. Only applicable if you personal claim located inside guild claim and consequently inherits standing from a guild


The easiest way to access Personal claim permissions is from the character menu "P", but it’s also available in the web under character management page



As you might notice this page is almost identical to a Guild permission management page. Only ‘Can claim personal lands’ option is a mission as we do not allow to have personal lands inside personal lands.

Search for Player and press ‘Add’ button next to a player’s name (F5/refresh might be required)


Choose desired permission and do not forget to press ‘Apply’ button afterward. Refresh a page to make sure that rules were applied correctly.


Here is the list of available options


Can Enter

Safe passage to a claim. You won't be able to use "Trespassers!" ability

There is one important exception here - Players with this permission will be able to use Trading posts. No need to assign them "Can use" permissions

Claim color will change


Can build and terraform

Can construct unmovable and movable objects

"Artisan" and "Dig" abilities can be used. They are both under terraform set


Can use objects

Permission to operate any objects inside claim area

With this permission granted, players will be able to maintain your personal lands, place objects inside the monument and sacrifice them


Can destroy objects

Interract with an object → Destroy ability

Crossing another player personal claim border will trigger a message in a system chat and in a special frame with important messages depending on this claim permission and standings rules for you


Can enter permission = Yes

Can enter permission = No










  1. You have just entered a friendly territory of %claim owner name%! Don't forget about courtesy!
  2. You have just entered the territory of %claim owner name%! You are not welcomed here.
  3. You have just entered the neutral territory of %claim owner name%! Don't forget about courtesy!
  4. You have just entered the enemy territory of %claim owner name%! You are welcomed here, but watch out!
  5. You have just invaded the enemy territory of %claim owner name%! Be on guard!


Allow your friends to maintain your Personal claim

Claim on a map

You can only find your own personal claim on a map. Nobody else will see your claim location on a map, even allies


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