The first thing you would like to do after placing your new Personal claim is to feed it with some valuable items. You will have 9 tiles lands by default and they will consume some points from support pool which is zero in a fresh new monument. Miss that initial feeding and your private monument will be wiped away at midnight.

Open Private monument management window with Authority skill. Worship the Monument. Sacrifice option will try to burn donations previously placed inside monument


Put items inside monument’s inventory window and press “Sacrifice”


Information on this screen is self-explanatory. Values in the screenshot above are not valid anymore. Actual support points cost is larger now.

Various items valued differently and raw materials are not accepted as sacrifices at all. Play with different donations to learn more.

Monument will be automatically checked at in-game midnight and maintenance cost automatically subtracted from Stock pool. Support cost per tile is a static value and won’t be increased as you own more private lands.

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