Before placing a monument, make sure to acquire some coins.

Coins are required to support the monument over time.

So, where you can find Coins in MMO? They are available at trade posts

  • Keep valuable items for yourself, but at the same time, you are ok to sell it :) List of items that can be sold to the Crown at Trading Post can be found here.
  • Find a suitable trade post. The map will help you to find one
  • Trade at a post and sell items to the Crown


  • Press Market
  • Click on the "Sell to Crown" button


  • Click on items you would like to sell.


  • Do not forget to pick up your shiny coins from tradepost and try not to lose it on your way home :) You can do it from main tradepost window by clicking on ‘Pay with coins’ button, selecting the desired amount of coins to transfer and confirming with OK order


Once you have coins, travel to one of four "Green zones" of Goddenland. Private claims can be created only inside "Green zones" (Unlike Guild claims which can be created only outside green zones)


Press Ctrl+F4 to enable "Claim overlay". Lands marked in orange are already claimed. Pale blue lands are admin lands that protect public tradeposts.


Find a suitable place for your new personal claim and use the “Claim Private Land” ability.


Choose an object from a list and press Build button


Rotate and move monument according to your desires and press the Build button once again

Use "Claim Private Land" on construction site and use any kind of billet t


If all validation checks are passed you will see your newly created personal monument at a selected position with a default claim area in the form of square 3x3 tiles.


Do not forget to feed your new monument with some additional coins

There are some restrictions on a personal claim:

  • Border of your claim should be at least 2 tiles away from borders of other personal claims


  • A personal claim area can’t cross server borders. You will be informed that Gods doesn’t allow you to claim lands in such areas if you manage to find such
  • Small areas around default (NPC) tradeposts is a safe zone and it lands can’t be claimed
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