Find a suitable place for your new personal claim and use “Claim Land” ability from Authority skill group


Choose an object from a list and press Build button


Rotate and move monument according to your desires and press Build button once again


There are no requirements for a special tools or materials, so progression bar should appear right away


If all validation checks are passed you will see your newly personal monument at a selected position with a default claim area in the form of square 3x3 tiles. Use F4 key to show claim area or toggle it with Ctrl+F4


There are some restrictions on personal claim:

  • Border of your claim should be at least 2 tiles away from borders of other personal claims
  • Inside Guild lands if you wasn’t granted a permission to claim personal lands


  • Personal claim area can’t cross server border. You will be informed that Gods doesn’t allow you to claim lands in such areas if you manage to find such
  • Central city s a safe zone and it lands can’t be claimed
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