Standings or diplomacy are available for guilds with a monument

Standings page are available at Guild management page. Any guild member can access this page, but only the Guild Leader can change values


All standings for all guilds in a world will be opened by default, but you can use pre-configured filters and quickly check guilds in war with yours or learn who is your friend or foe


Standing described in details


No alignment loss for any aggressive actions against your enemy

Battles and Sieges are available


More respectable standing type for a lord country. Kingdom

Claim color switched to Blue and Ally lands visible from far distances

Kingdom will set War standing to all Vassal's War marked guild.

A vassal guild will lose all diplomacy options by delegating them to Kingdom. Only "Leave ally" option will be available.


Default standing type

Neutral guild who would like to allow other players to use their trade post can set 'Can Enter' permission and their claim color will be changed to Blue. Only applicable for players which were allowed to safely pass borders with 'Can Enter' rule.


Only visual information to allow filters usage and quickly check attitude between guilds


Only visual information to allow filters usage and quickly check attitude between guilds

To set War standing it's enough to choose this diplomacy option just by one guild. Standing from targeted guild will be automatically set to War


To end War it's vice versa to the previous scenario. Both Guild should take a decision to stop a war. It will be counted as War if one guild will set Neutral standing (for example) and another will maintain War status


Note that based on your standing with other guild lands color will be changed. Applicable for an F4 view and map visualization

  • War - Red
  • Neutral - Yellow
  • Neutral and 'Can use' permission - Blue
  • Ally - Blue
  • Own lands - Green
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