Roles and rules management is available from a web and from an internal browser (Guild option in the main menu). Rules are configured separately for Town and Realm claims. You can't copy rule sets from a Town claim to a Realm and vice versa, only manual management.


Town claim will be used in this article to show available options, but Realm can be configured in an absolutely same way. No different or additional restrictions here.

The basic entity you will see at a Claim access rights management page is Guild role. There are 7 default roles available

  • Count / Countess aka Guild Leader
  • Viscount / Viscountess
  • Baron / Baroness
  • Knight / Dame
  • Reeve
  • Peasant
  • Recruit

In addition to guild roles, you can configure access right for these entities

  • Character. For example, you would like to show you perfect castle to a candidate for your guild membership without risk to him
    • At the moment we have a temporary function to revoke permissions provided to character:
      • Press “Red cross” symbol
      • Note that dotted selection appears
      • Press Apply


  • Guild
  • Standing type

Do not forget to "Apply" changes made in permission table as there is no indication for pending ones


Here is the table with available permission levels





Can Enter

Safe passage to a claim. You won't be able to use "Trespassers!" ability

There is one important exception here - Players with this permission will be able to use Trading posts. No need to assign them "Can use" permissions


Can build and terraform

Can construct unmovable and movable objects

"Artisan" and "Dig" abilities can be used. They are both under terraform set


Can make personal claim*

Allow players to claim personal lands inside guild ones


Can use objects

Permission to operate any objects inside claim area. Starting from Open/Close doors and ending with monument management or sacrificial windows (depending on role in guild)


Can destroy objects

Movable objects can be destroyed by damaging them without this permission e.g. no need to grant it in order to allow skill leveling on a training dummy. This is about Authority -> Destroy ability68922603.png

*We have 3 different permission sets which can overlaps. They a configured from more strong to weak. This means that if an object is located on a tile with all 3 active permissions, the strongest one will be applied.


Owner timer → Personal / Private claim rules* → Guild claim rules

*Guild Leader is an exclusion and will have all permission on a private claim if it placed on a ruler lands, even if all permission to private lands were revoked for this player.

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