Heraldry becomes available to a guild with a monument level 2 or higher. Only Guild Leader can apply or change heraldry. You own unique heraldry will make it very easy to identify your allies from a long distance, but be prepared that your foes will also see you from a distance

Heraldry creation or changу process are both initiated from a Guild management window opened by Guild claim


Click on a Heraldry button and new window will open for you. 3 layers available for you and they are applied from a bottom to top: Fill type, Symbol #1, Symbol #2. Symbols are optional elements. Here is an example describing layers.


You can play with symbols, their color or size and layout or simply click on a Random button. A generator will only use background and Symbol #1 slots. Couple more options are available on cog button.


Either you create your heraldry manually or with a random generator, it has to be unique server-wide. Heraldry applies on almost all shield in the game and on a special item - Tabard which occupies it's own slot on your character equipment screen.


It's worth to mention that if you kill your someone with a tabard on it, loot his corpse and reuse its tabard - Your guild heraldry will be applied. No spy games here :)

Features which are currently in development

  • The cooldown on a heraldry change. We are planning to set timer for 2 days, but this is still a subject of discussion
  • Heraldry functionality available via web, from guild management page
  • More in-game objects with heraldry on it. We are looking forward to implementing walls, flags and other construction which will inherit your guild heraldry
  • Option to turn on or off heraldry visualization
  • Preview option to check how new heraldry will look like on a character without triggering change cooldown
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