Guild type

Condition to be promoted to this type

Demoted condition


New guild creation

Less than 10 players in a guild


10 or more players in a guild

Guild monument was destroyed


Guild monument was built. Monument construction completed. Basement not counts.

No more guilds with Ally standing left.


Guild initiated an Ally standing request and it was accepted


Vassal State

Guild accepted another guild Ally request and become a Vassal


Important reminders

  • It is solely a guild leader’s prerogative to initiate and complete Guild monument construction. Same with an upgrade process.
  • One guild leader(guild)  can have only one guild monument
  • Country to Order transformation caused by monument destruction will wipe all standing and claim rules configured earlier. Same rule applies to Country to Band degrade (less than 10 players left in a guild)
  • Vassal guild type loses its ability to manage standings with other guild and inherits standing from its overlord guild

Note: Claims and tunnels. There is a limitation with claims are unable to project their rules and feature on tiles with tunnels, mines  or moats terraformed by Digging skill

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