It is used to transfer your character from the starting location to the main continent, where all history is written. Don’t forget: every construction you conduct on Newbie Island will be annihilated through time. So make sure you’ll have at least one ticket to Abella when the moment will come.


And don’t be afraid to lose it after death. This item is undroppable.

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    Matthew Cudby

    I accidentally used my ticket on the wrong character what are the chances I could get that character removed and the one i actually wanted on Abella moved. I didn't really kn what was meant by spending a ticket at the beginning so spent it on a character that i hadn't customized properly (I didn't realize race affected skills).

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    I have the same question would be nice to get a "second" chance chause i screwed up the server i moved


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    нету билета на абеллу, админы грамотно отмалчиваются. Купил YO , скачал ММО, а поиграть не могу. прочитали мой тикет и молчат =)) хотят чтобы я ещё денег залил

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    João Victor de Sá maroco

    Same problem here,any of u guys got support?


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