There are several ways to enter the world of Life is Feudal:

  1. You can enter the game by purchasing one of the Starter Packs on our official page: Don’t forget to register and activate your account right after purchase with the activation link, sent to email you added during the process of registration.
  2. You can also become a beta-tester by participating in a beta-access giveaway, where testers will be selected randomly or participate in a side contests, conducting by our official social network communities as well as by influencers of different kind.
  3. If you happen to be an owner of Life is Feudal: YO, you will be given an opportunity to enter the game as well: all YO owners will be granted with an opportunity to travel to the mainland for free with a special ticket valid for a single character. IMPORTANT: This offer is actual only for those who bought Life is Feudal: Your Own before November 17th.
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