Personal lands will allow you to build any objects you were able to build earlier. The main difference is that those objects will be protected from decay and other players. Keep in mind that you should avoid placing objects on a claim border. If any object’s tile will be outside of you claim area it will be treated as an outside object and will decay.


Destroy objects with skill

Similar to Guild claim you’ll be able to destroy object within personal lands with Authority skill.


An additional information window will pop up and you can make a final decision there.


A progress bar will appear and this is your last chance to cancel permanent object removal by hitting ESC key.


Kill invaders

You can use Trespasser ability on your personal claim. An Invader on your personal claim will be punished with minus 1 point of alignment. If your personal claim located inside a guild claim, player without ‘Can Enter’ permissions will be marked as a criminal for 10 seconds. A Nice bonus is that anyone can use trespassers ability, not only you or your mates. It’s even possible that intruder will mark himself/herself as a criminal if he/she daring enough to use Trespasser on your claim :) You may use a targeted ability and whistle a potential thief inside your claim or use its AOE variation which will mark all intruders in a 10 tiles radius around you.

Collaborate with other players and guilds

Personal claims can be treated as a limited version of a guild claim. Personal claim won’t grow automatically as an example. You can assign unique permission for your own lands, resize your claim in a special way (described below). You can claim lands inside Guild claim in order to provide a better protection for your guild, but be aware that Guild Leader will always have a supreme permission for all object and claim on a guild lands and the Personal claim is not an exclusion here.

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